Leila – Prom Shoot from 2017

Its seems that time of year has come around again…Prom Night, one of the most important nights of your life.  With several bookings already made this year, its going to be busy but I wanted to take a moment to share some images that I shot last year, just to get you in the mood. Taken in the grounds the the beautiful Aldwark Manor Hotel in York, UK, these are all natural light images: Although this was not specifically a Prom-Night shoot, the images, styling and location are the same. Leila wanted some Prom Style images for herself and although we initially only planned for a couple of hours, we got so carried away, we spent nearly 8 crazy hours shooting…! With some amazing locations in the grounds of the hotel we were spoiled for choice. This one above was shot in front of a Weeping Willow, with Lei sat…